Wednesday 18 December 2013

Hi everyone, Rosie here. I hope you have had a great weekend. I thought you might like a little update on my progress..... 

I have recovered really well from my dental.... I haven't missed a beat eating. Mum says I am a real foodie! I have developed a rather strange habit though .... I refuse to eat out of a bowl or off a dish or even off a placemat or baking paper on the floor. I will only eat off the floor itself!! Mum says I am making a mess of the floor but I very enthusiastically lick every last bit of it up! There's a pic below of me... notice that I have gobbled up my BARF first before touching the My Dog.... Mmmm that BARF stuff is my favourite!!! 

I have been continuing my twice daily visits to the park. I now get all excited when I realise we are getting ready to go. I run and bunny hop and do little twirls and I am first to bolt out the front gate, pushing my foster brothers and sister aside in my excitement. I skip along with my tail in the air .... until I see someone else I still don't like other people, even if they are some distance away. This will be the focus of my development program over the next few weeks.

I have also found my voice! Not very often just every now and then but Mum has a giggle and tells me I have the sweetest soft little bark - she says it's a bit like popcorn!

I have also properly met the resident cat and I seem to be not at all interested in him really.... so it seems I am cat friendly! Mum says I get a gold star for that! 

I have overheard Mum saying that I might get a visit from the groomer this week. I do hope not. That would involve three things I dislike enormously - being bathed, the blow dryer and meeting new people. It better be a nasty baseless rumour......


Hey everyone, my Foster Mum has a new nickname for me.... "Posy Pants"! Just look at me being all posh and posy at Chianti again this morning.... perusing the Hot 100 Wines List with a lovely bellini.....  I'm getting good at this cafe style business! Big sloppy Bellini kisses from Rosie.


Well obviously this a comfortable position in which to sleep.... why do you ask????? Nitey-nite from Rosie!


You are all - each and every one of you - witness to the terrible torture I too often suffer at the hands of those who tell me they love me. Love me????? Then why on earth would you bath me???? 

We are not impressed.

Note for the "Rosie" file please: Must be rehomed with a loving family who WILL NOT EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES bath me!

Now please excuse me as I must go and sulk for the rest of the day. Under the bed. You can throw my treats under there for me. I am not coming out. (Unless it's dried chicken breast...)

Yours truly, Grumpy Rosie

Reiki with Aunty Griselda.....I am certainly liking this and feeling more comfortable

I have finished my session and had a treat, my confidence is certainly getting a lot better

Hello again everyone, Rosie here. I have had another week of slow but steady progress and I have a new favourite position at home: on the top step - I can keep an eye on everyone from there!! 

I was not very happy with Mum yesterday.... when you hear what she did to me you will understand I'm sure! First of all she bathed me!!!! What the ?!?!???? Then before I could get over that trauma she Hoovered the house! She has done that before but she knows I don't like it and I mean really I was already traumatised from the bathing incident! AND THEN, as if that wasn't enough already she let visitors into the house. Not just one of them either - two at once! There was nothing for a girl to do other than take to underneath the bed.

They tried to bribe me with Smackos, and I tried REALLY hard not to let them win, but Smackos are pretty irresistible, so I came out, and well I'm still alive so I guess maybe I might try not to be so scared of people I don't know.... Mum says we will work on that together.

I also wanted to say thank you again for all your support over the past week or so - I am going in for my dental surgery on Tuesday! Mum has also found a little lump on my belly so we will ask the nice vet to check that out for me at the same time. So, keep your fingers and toes and paws crossed for me - I will let you know how I get on.


(PS: Here I am in the park again with my tail up. I'm getting quite good at that!)


Rosie is home!!!! She was a trooper at the vet's today. She had 8 teeth removed!!!! She is already home running about the house with her tail held high in the air, and we are sure she will be a happer and healthier girl without those nasty rotting teeth in her mouth.

The lump on her belly turned out to be a little hernia lump. It was left in place as vet Andrew felt that to take it out he had to compromise too much muscle and it is not in any way dangerous, growing or otherwise bothering her.

Welcome back Rosie - onwards and upwards!!!!

Tuesday 17 December 2013

In my booster seat with my foster brother and sister all ready to head for the coast!

Making my way down the path to the beach

Almost there - I can see the waves!!!!

Look at my tail high in the air!!!

This is fun!

Nice and cool on my paws on a hot day. I had a little taste ..... eugghhh, won't do that again!!!


My first time on the stairs - why is Mum looking so nervous?????

Hey, this is easy!

Going down - this is a little more challenging.... hey, what are these gaps??
Almost at the top! 

What's that? Oh, they're not for taking shortcuts??? Are you sure?

Oh OK then I'll just come down one by one...

Oh, hang on, they just got really skinny .... I'm not sure I fit on that one!

Beautiful Rosie joined the Moving Paws family on 26/9/13 after she had ended up at Friends of Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter as a stray. Rosie was extremely introverted on arrival at MP and she didn't seem to have any real experience of the world - everything seems to be a new experience to her. She is slowly discovering other dogs, people, walking, parks and we are delighted to ever so slowly be getting to meet the Rosie underneath the fear.Hi everyone,

28.09.13 - I'm Rosie and this is my third day as an MP doggy. I thought I might try to be very brave and raise my little head up just for long enough to say a friendly hello and share a little about my first three days. I arrived on a plane from Hawkesbury and that really freaked me out. Actually I was already really freaked out, Mum says I have completely retreated in to my shell. Everything is terrifying!

But I am very very slowly starting to feel a bit better. I refused to eat at the pound but I have no problem here. I love my roast chicken and those lovely aromatic individual serve doggy foods... I gobble them down!! My teeth are pretty horrible so that might also explain why I can be tempted with soft stuff!

I do hide on my bed under the stairs all the time but I am slowly relaxing out of my tight ball into a more relaxed pose and taking more notice of what everyone around me is up to.

Mum made me come out from under the stairs and sit on her lap watching TV for a bit last night. That was OK. Especially when I got little pieces of chicken passed to me.

And a I sleep A LOT! I don't think I have slept much in recent weeks, I have a lot of sleep to catch up on. I do have a fear-flight instinct so at the moment Mum and Dad have to be very careful about making sure I have no opportunity to escape out into the big wide world outside.

Hi everyone, Rosie again. Well what a big week it has been for me! I am still insisting on sitting under the stairs but I am at least sitting properly centred on my bed, not mostly off it backed as far into the corner as possible!

Aunty Griselda came to see me during the week. I was terribly shy and not sure I wanted to meet her, but she does seem like a nice lady and wants to help me with massage and reiki so I will try to be a little bit more brave when she comes again next week.

I have been back to the park again. When I'm there on the lead it seems I am meant to walk not just plant my bottom down by the nearest tree. Ohhh, that makes so much more sense! I didn't know..... I have posted a photo of me in the park I thought you might like.

Moving Paws are raising funds so that I may soon have the dental work done that I need. You can help in a few ways if you would be so kind....

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Have a fabulous long weekend everyone!

Much love from Rosie
(still reporting from under the stairs...)


Seriously, our Rosie just gets more beautiful (and ever so slightly more confident and happy) by the day - just look at her in the park this afternoon!

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