Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Reiki with Aunty Griselda.....I am certainly liking this and feeling more comfortable

I have finished my session and had a treat, my confidence is certainly getting a lot better

Hello again everyone, Rosie here. I have had another week of slow but steady progress and I have a new favourite position at home: on the top step - I can keep an eye on everyone from there!! 

I was not very happy with Mum yesterday.... when you hear what she did to me you will understand I'm sure! First of all she bathed me!!!! What the ?!?!???? Then before I could get over that trauma she Hoovered the house! She has done that before but she knows I don't like it and I mean really I was already traumatised from the bathing incident! AND THEN, as if that wasn't enough already she let visitors into the house. Not just one of them either - two at once! There was nothing for a girl to do other than take to underneath the bed.

They tried to bribe me with Smackos, and I tried REALLY hard not to let them win, but Smackos are pretty irresistible, so I came out, and well I'm still alive so I guess maybe I might try not to be so scared of people I don't know.... Mum says we will work on that together.

I also wanted to say thank you again for all your support over the past week or so - I am going in for my dental surgery on Tuesday! Mum has also found a little lump on my belly so we will ask the nice vet to check that out for me at the same time. So, keep your fingers and toes and paws crossed for me - I will let you know how I get on.


(PS: Here I am in the park again with my tail up. I'm getting quite good at that!)


Rosie is home!!!! She was a trooper at the vet's today. She had 8 teeth removed!!!! She is already home running about the house with her tail held high in the air, and we are sure she will be a happer and healthier girl without those nasty rotting teeth in her mouth.

The lump on her belly turned out to be a little hernia lump. It was left in place as vet Andrew felt that to take it out he had to compromise too much muscle and it is not in any way dangerous, growing or otherwise bothering her.

Welcome back Rosie - onwards and upwards!!!!

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