Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Hi everyone, Rosie here. I hope you have had a great weekend. I thought you might like a little update on my progress..... 

I have recovered really well from my dental.... I haven't missed a beat eating. Mum says I am a real foodie! I have developed a rather strange habit though .... I refuse to eat out of a bowl or off a dish or even off a placemat or baking paper on the floor. I will only eat off the floor itself!! Mum says I am making a mess of the floor but I very enthusiastically lick every last bit of it up! There's a pic below of me... notice that I have gobbled up my BARF first before touching the My Dog.... Mmmm that BARF stuff is my favourite!!! 

I have been continuing my twice daily visits to the park. I now get all excited when I realise we are getting ready to go. I run and bunny hop and do little twirls and I am first to bolt out the front gate, pushing my foster brothers and sister aside in my excitement. I skip along with my tail in the air .... until I see someone else I still don't like other people, even if they are some distance away. This will be the focus of my development program over the next few weeks.

I have also found my voice! Not very often just every now and then but Mum has a giggle and tells me I have the sweetest soft little bark - she says it's a bit like popcorn!

I have also properly met the resident cat and I seem to be not at all interested in him really.... so it seems I am cat friendly! Mum says I get a gold star for that! 

I have overheard Mum saying that I might get a visit from the groomer this week. I do hope not. That would involve three things I dislike enormously - being bathed, the blow dryer and meeting new people. It better be a nasty baseless rumour......


Hey everyone, my Foster Mum has a new nickname for me.... "Posy Pants"! Just look at me being all posh and posy at Chianti again this morning.... perusing the Hot 100 Wines List with a lovely bellini.....  I'm getting good at this cafe style business! Big sloppy Bellini kisses from Rosie.


Well obviously this a comfortable position in which to sleep.... why do you ask????? Nitey-nite from Rosie!


You are all - each and every one of you - witness to the terrible torture I too often suffer at the hands of those who tell me they love me. Love me????? Then why on earth would you bath me???? 

We are not impressed.

Note for the "Rosie" file please: Must be rehomed with a loving family who WILL NOT EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES bath me!

Now please excuse me as I must go and sulk for the rest of the day. Under the bed. You can throw my treats under there for me. I am not coming out. (Unless it's dried chicken breast...)

Yours truly, Grumpy Rosie

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