Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Beautiful Rosie joined the Moving Paws family on 26/9/13 after she had ended up at Friends of Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter as a stray. Rosie was extremely introverted on arrival at MP and she didn't seem to have any real experience of the world - everything seems to be a new experience to her. She is slowly discovering other dogs, people, walking, parks and we are delighted to ever so slowly be getting to meet the Rosie underneath the fear.Hi everyone,

28.09.13 - I'm Rosie and this is my third day as an MP doggy. I thought I might try to be very brave and raise my little head up just for long enough to say a friendly hello and share a little about my first three days. I arrived on a plane from Hawkesbury and that really freaked me out. Actually I was already really freaked out, Mum says I have completely retreated in to my shell. Everything is terrifying!

But I am very very slowly starting to feel a bit better. I refused to eat at the pound but I have no problem here. I love my roast chicken and those lovely aromatic individual serve doggy foods... I gobble them down!! My teeth are pretty horrible so that might also explain why I can be tempted with soft stuff!

I do hide on my bed under the stairs all the time but I am slowly relaxing out of my tight ball into a more relaxed pose and taking more notice of what everyone around me is up to.

Mum made me come out from under the stairs and sit on her lap watching TV for a bit last night. That was OK. Especially when I got little pieces of chicken passed to me.

And a I sleep A LOT! I don't think I have slept much in recent weeks, I have a lot of sleep to catch up on. I do have a fear-flight instinct so at the moment Mum and Dad have to be very careful about making sure I have no opportunity to escape out into the big wide world outside.

Hi everyone, Rosie again. Well what a big week it has been for me! I am still insisting on sitting under the stairs but I am at least sitting properly centred on my bed, not mostly off it backed as far into the corner as possible!

Aunty Griselda came to see me during the week. I was terribly shy and not sure I wanted to meet her, but she does seem like a nice lady and wants to help me with massage and reiki so I will try to be a little bit more brave when she comes again next week.

I have been back to the park again. When I'm there on the lead it seems I am meant to walk not just plant my bottom down by the nearest tree. Ohhh, that makes so much more sense! I didn't know..... I have posted a photo of me in the park I thought you might like.

Moving Paws are raising funds so that I may soon have the dental work done that I need. You can help in a few ways if you would be so kind....

You could bid on one of the wonderful items in our online auction. To do that visit this link:

Or you could make a TAX DEDUCTABLE  donation via paypal. To do that visit this link:

Or you could come along to the Moving Paws movie afternoon on Sunday 13th October. It's at the Capri Cinema on Goodwood Road in Adelaide and we kick off at 2pm ready for the screening of "Diana" starring Naomi Watts at 3pm. Tickets cost $25 and include the movie ticket and a candy voucher plus a ticket for our fabulous door prize!!

Have a fabulous long weekend everyone!

Much love from Rosie
(still reporting from under the stairs...)


Seriously, our Rosie just gets more beautiful (and ever so slightly more confident and happy) by the day - just look at her in the park this afternoon!

We are raising money to pay for the dental work Rosie needs to have done and we have added some fantastic extra items to our online auction so if you haven't had a look recently pop on over and score yourself something special and help Rosie to boot .... 

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